What Future Pediatric CNAs Need to Know

In pediatric medicine, knowing what kind of work you’ll be doing on a daily basis is important. It’s even more important because you’ll be working with children instead of grown adults. Here is a brief guide on the typical tasks and work locations of pediatric nursing assistants. Daily Tasks for Pediatric CNAs Gather patient information. […]

5 In-Person and Virtual Interview Preparation Tips

Interviewing for a job can be pretty difficult and stressful if you’re not prepared for it. Continue reading for a few key tips for a successful in-person interview. 1. Do your research. Many interviewers expect you to have some knowledge on the company you applied for. Google the company’s mission statement and read the job […]

Facilities Where CNAs Work

Neway Directions trains future CNAs for employment in various types of facilities. Have you ever wondered what these facilities are and how they operate? Keep reading to learn more about each facility and the differences and similarities between them.    Assisted Living Facilities An assisted living facility is a housing facility for people who are […]

Questions You Should Ask in An Interview

In interviews, it is important to ask your possible employer questions regarding the position and/or the company itself. Even if you don’t have a specific question in mind, be sure to ask one in order to stimulate conversation and show interest in the job. Conversation builds a relationship with the person interviewing you. This relationship […]

5 Top Tips for Starting a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become the top site for professionals to connect with each other, search for jobs, and feature their own work. When you first sign up for LinkedIn, it can be daunting with all the different categories. It’ll take time to fill all of it out! Take a deep breath and follow our tips below for setting […]

4 Job Search Apps You Never Knew Were Out There

The job search and application process has changed so much within the last few years. Don’t let that intimidate you because these apps are easier to use than you think! To start you off, applying is mostly, if not always, online now. You can use that to your advantage by downloading apps that do a bulk […]

List of 5 Job Boards

You’ve taken the courageous step to go back to school and refine your skills. That’s great! These days, with the uncertainty of job security, you should always be ready to interview and have a list of contacts that can help you find your next job. There should also be some reliable job boards to have […]