5 In-Person and Virtual Interview Preparation Tips

Interviewing for a job can be pretty difficult and stressful if you’re not prepared for it. Continue reading for a few key tips for a successful in-person interview.

1. Do your research.

Many interviewers expect you to have some knowledge on the company you applied for. Google the company’s mission statement and read the job description in depth.

2. Set up a plan to arrive on time.

It’s always the worst to arrive at an interview late. Avoid this by looking up the route and the estimated time of arrival to the location that you will be interviewing at. It’s always best to arrive early.

If it is a virtual interview then make sure that you have the appropriate link to sign into the applicable interface. 

3. Plan out what to wear.

First impressions are always important and what you wear is how the interviewer will visually remember you. Go for a professional, appropriate outfit and remember that overdressing is better than underdressing.

4. Be prepared to ask questions.

Asking the interviewer questions shows that you care about the position that you are interviewing for. Ask anything that you’re curious about to help you determine if the position is the right fit for you.

5. Body language matters.

The interviewer typically wants to see if you’re enthusiastic about the job position, so pay attention to how you are seated. Are you feet pointed away or towards the interviewer? Are you maintaining eye contact? Are you slouching or sitting up straight? All of these play a role in the impression the interviewer has of you.

Bonus tip: relax! Most job interviews last around 15-60 minutes depending on the type of interview and there are other interviewees that are in the same boat as you. The most important thing to remember is to stand out and be yourself.