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Learn more about our C.N.A. classes available in Madison, WI. We provide training for certified nursing assistants.

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Our students enjoy programs that are self-paced and individualized.

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Neway Directions specializes in providing high-quality services to individuals and businesses in Madison, WI. Whether you need to learn a specific skill,  have a program or course developed for your business, or just need to rent classroom space, Neway Directions offers a variety of services tailored to your specific needs.

Neway Directions is a regional leader in Computer and Clerical education, C.N.A. Classes (Training for Certified Nursing Assistant) and Career Services. Our students enjoy programs that are self-paced and individualized. This unique approach to education is helpful for individuals looking for a flexible learning experience focused on results.

Client Reviews

5 Stars on Google

What an amazing experience! This course is intense and informative. The instructor, (Nurse Teresa), always ensured we had clear instruction and understanding. She went beyond the text and exposed us to what being a CNA would actually be like in multiple settings. She engaged us in critical thinking games, pop quizzes, and even Pizza parties where we were able to get to know each other on a more personal level. The atmosphere here at Neway Directions was light hearted. They can see your potential when at times you can't see your own. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended classes here. It has paved a path for a better future. Thank you!
Amy Shurts
CNA Student
My experience taking a CNA course at Neway was excellent! The accelerated format (3 weeks) made it very convenient to fit in over my college winter break. The instructor, Theresa, clearly had tons of experience, was extremely knowledgeable of the subject area, and was very helpful in identifying the most important tips for us to know in order to pass the state exam.
Blake Robson
CNA Student
My experience at Neway Directions was great! I recently took the CNA course they offer and I loved every second of it. The instructor did a great job at making sure we understood everything we were learning before moving onto new topics. I loved all the hands-on learning and all of the stories the instructor shared with us. I also liked getting to know my classmates and teacher. All made for a great experience and I definitely recommend!
Ahsney Domask
CNA Student
Neway was a great place to take my CNA class! They were always super helpful and our instructor (Teresa), did a great job with going through the textbook and the skills. The best part was that it was very clear what the expectations would be for the state exam, but she also gave us some insight as to what CNA work would be like in "the real world." Thanks Neway for helping me pass my state exam!
Brooke Johnson
CNA Student