6 Ways to Keep Up the Momentum of Job Searching After You Are Laid Off

The job search can be a mundane and long process and if you took some time off since your last job then it can be hard to get back into the swing of things. To help inspire you and get your momentum going, follow our tips below.

  1. Download a job search app. There are some cool apps out there that can help you narrow your search. As you use them, they build a profile about you and what you want from your job. LinkedIn has several apps including one for students, but there are many others out there!
  2. Set goals for the day. Set realistic goals each day. When you finish these goals you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Maybe you want to apply to 3 jobs a day. In addition, don’t forget to set aside time to follow up with companies where you have already applied.
  3. Have a general resume and cover letter ready to tailor. Depending on what the job description is, you’ll want to tailor both your cover letter and resume to it. If it’s too general then you are not quite telling the interviewer why you are a better candidate for the job.
  4. Let others know. You don’t have to search for jobs on your own. A whopping 85% of jobs are filled from networking. Therefore, it is beneficial to connect with people and let them know you’re searching. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about because everyone will have to search for a new job at some point, and they will more than likely use their connections to do it. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-survey-reveals-85-all-jobs-filled-via-networking-lou-adler
  5. Make a list of things you want from a job. Maybe you want to be making a little bit more and there’s not an opportunity in your current position to do so or maybe there’s a new set of skills you’d like to use but your current job doesn’t allow for that to happen. Whatever your reasons, write them out to solidify what you want and go after it.
  6. Use our career services. Connect with other professionals and learn ways to shape and drive your career in the direction you want with Neway Directions. You can learn more about it here: https://newaydirections.com/career-services-madison-wi/

These 6 steps will help you increase your chances of finding a new job in no time! Don’t let the process get you down, use it to your advantage and you’ll be able to find something that’s a good fit. Come back in two weeks to learn about 4 job search apps that you never knew were out there!