5 New Habits to Begin This Fall

While the season of colorful leaves and everything pumpkin-spiced may signal the end of the summer, it is the perfect time to develop new habits. Provided below are 5 good habits to begin this Fall. Whether you are starting school, beginning a new job, or just looking to improve productivity, give these suggestions a shot. […]

Capturing Inspiration

Often times, starting a task is the hardest part. We find ourselves ruminating over the question, “why am I doing this?” The truth is, the answers lie all around you. Whether you are observing nature, talking with a relative, or experiencing something new for the very first time, you can find inspiration from all kinds […]

8 Healthy Ways To Boost Your Energy

We have all experienced a moment when a sudden, cruel wave of exhaustion hits us out of nowhere–encompassing our minds with the burning desire to rest. While an immediate response may be to chug cups and cups of coffee until your caffeine level skyrockets, there are other, healthier solutions to boost your energy. Next time […]

A Quick Guide to Creating a Habit

Ever wish you could get into a good routine? Maybe that means remembering to pack yourself a lunch or double checking your email for typos. It may even mean not forgetting to send your boss the monthly report in the specific format they like it. Whether your goals are big or small, creating a habit will […]

Student Spotlight: Justine Jones

Meet Justine Jones, and take a peek into her Neway Directions story–a story of triumphs, a story of a heroine. Not only has Justine conquered personal obstacles throughout her lifetime, she has also excelled in her professional and academic career. Justine revealed that life has thrown her many curve balls. Despite being faced with multiple […]

5 Tips and Tricks to Stay on Schedule

As you get busier and busier, and responsibilities add up exponentially, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep everything in line. Ultimately, this can leave us confused and unsure as to where to begin chipping away at the never ending list of tasks. Even worse, it can lead to missed deadlines and angry bosses. Listed below […]

4 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

There is a growing demand for creativity in the workplace. Companies are on the hunt for those who can think out of the box and generate innovative solutions. While most people get stuck into a particular way of doing a task, resist the temptation. Unleash your creativity and get your creative juices flowing with these […]

Student Spotlight: Chantil Ciuffetelli

This April, we got the opportunity to get to know a little bit about student, Chantil Ciuffetelli, and how Neway Directions is helping pave her road to success. Chantil uses the Computer and Clerical training services that Neway Directions provides. As an effect, she has discovered her enjoyment in working with and being around people. […]