A Quick Guide to Creating a Habit

Ever wish you could get into a good routine? Maybe that means remembering to pack yourself a lunch or double checking your email for typos. It may even mean not forgetting to send your boss the monthly report in the specific format they like it. Whether your goals are big or small, creating a habit will increase your productivity while minimizing errors.

Write it down. This is important for both practical and psychological reasons. Writing down your routine gives you something to refer to and look back on. It will be particularly useful in the beginning of your journey. This also triggers something in your mind. Writing down your routine is the first step to commitment. You just made it real.

Commit to 30 days. These first few weeks are critical to your success–and no doubt they will be the hardest. Remain patient and devoted to your tasks. By repeating your routine over and over, you begin to condition your mind and body. Getting past this 30 day threshold should send you sailing into autopilot in no time!

Take a friend along on the journey. Having someone you care about there for you not only makes the experience more fun, but it also gives you someone to reinforce your habits. This companion should keep you motivated and increase your accountability.

These simple recommendations will help you create a routine and develop the habit you’ve been longing for.  You will be amazed at how natural it will feel once you get going!

It is important to remember that no journey is perfect. If you miss a part of your routine, that is okay. Get up, and get right back at it! It’ll be waiting for you.