Student Spotlight: Chantil Ciuffetelli

April 2017 Student Spotlight, Neway DirectionsThis April, we got the opportunity to get to know a little bit about student, Chantil Ciuffetelli, and how Neway Directions is helping pave her road to success.

Chantil uses the Computer and Clerical training services that Neway Directions provides. As an effect, she has discovered her enjoyment in working with and being around people. Aside from this realization, she even states that she has “gained a new confidence”. She will carry this positive attitude coupled with the many new skills she has acquired into any new job setting.

After uncovering a little more about herself and her potential, she has some pieces of advice she would give to a younger Chantil. She says, “go to college, there are so many missed opportunities if you don’t”. As for advice to someone interested in coming to Neway Directions, she urges to “definitely come”! She notes that the director of the program as well as the instructors are welcoming and knowledgeable. Arguably even more important, they understand that everyone learns at their own pace.

Chantil has much to be proud of. She says that she has not been in a job or school setting for over five years, but Neway Directions has given her the opportunity to change that. She has triumphed. While the rest of her journey is still unfolding, Neway Directions will always be a part of her road to success.