Student Spotlight: Justine Jones

Meet Justine Jones, and take a peek into her Neway Directions story–a story of triumphs, a story of a heroine.

Not only has Justine conquered personal obstacles throughout her lifetime, she has also excelled in her professional and academic career. Justine revealed that life has thrown her many curve balls. Despite being faced with multiple medical problems from Type I Diabetes and PTSD from physical and emotional domestic abuse, she exclaims proudly, “I am a survivor!!!”.  

Justine has brought this mentality to Neway Directions. Switching from the field of physical labor to office work, Neway Directions has proven to be a handy resource for her during this transition. She has acquired skills in Microsoft Office Suite as well as QuickBooks, which will prove to be useful in her future endeavors.

Aside from acquiring new skill-sets, Justine says that she has “regained confidence” by working with staff and other students. Her efforts in the classroom have earned her the opportunity to be a resource to her peers, often being put on the spot to guide them. She views this as a great compliment. Further intensifying her impact at Neway Directions, she has had the opportunity to represent the organization as a receptionist. She is often the first contact prospective students have, and she has the knowledge and artistry to dominate that role.

Justine describes her experience at Neway Directions as very pleasant. She exclaims excitedly that “the staff is great!”. Other lessons she has obtained include a sharpened independence and enhanced troubleshooting abilities.

She encourages those who come to Neway Directions to be independent and ask a lot of questions. She notes that no one is perfect–so take chances.

Justine’s life-journey and experience with Neway Directions shapes the advice she would give a younger self: “never give up! Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars! Anything is possible!”.