Student Spotlight: Della Bloom

Della Bloom emphasizes the importance of learning how to operate software. When she began her career in the workforce, computers were not as vital as they are today. In today’s technological world she felt like she was at a disadvantage, and so she came to Neway Directions where she is being trained in Microsoft Office. […]

Student Spotlight: Jane Cerutti

“Training at Neway Directions introduces me to other points of view, which is to learn tolerance and empathy,” says Jane Cerutti. Jane is this month’s Student Spotlight, and she exclaimed to us how Neway Directions has helped her progress her education. Jane has learned Microsoft Office Suite Applications, Quickbooks, and general clerical services–but to her, […]

Student Spotlight: Jennifer Bahr

“The confidence I acquired at Neway Directions has increased both my motivation and success tenfold”, exclaims Jennifer Bahr, our November Student Spotlight. Jennifer uses the employment services offered and has received the skills she needed to achieve her career. She proudly told us how she went from having no job-related skills in her career of […]

Student Spotlight: Julie James

“I feel like I’m doing something to help myself” was the answer Julie James, our September Student Spotlight, provided when asked how Neway Directions has impacted her life. Julie James is using the technical skills training, resume training, and job placement services provided by Neway Directions — and she is seeing results! She explains that […]

Student Spotlight: Justine Jones

Meet Justine Jones, and take a peek into her Neway Directions story–a story of triumphs, a story of a heroine. Not only has Justine conquered personal obstacles throughout her lifetime, she has also excelled in her professional and academic career. Justine revealed that life has thrown her many curve balls. Despite being faced with multiple […]

Student Spotlight: Chantil Ciuffetelli

This April, we got the opportunity to get to know a little bit about student, Chantil Ciuffetelli, and how Neway Directions is helping pave her road to success. Chantil uses the Computer and Clerical training services that Neway Directions provides. As an effect, she has discovered her enjoyment in working with and being around people. […]