5 In-Person and Virtual Interview Preparation Tips

Interviewing for a job can be pretty difficult and stressful if you’re not prepared for it. Continue reading for a few key tips for a successful in-person interview. 1. Do your research. Many interviewers expect you to have some knowledge on the company you applied for. Google the company’s mission statement and read the job […]

4-Step Guide to Acing Interview Questions

4-Step Guide to Acing Interview Questions   The best way to prepare for your interview is by practicing questions that the interviewer is likely to ask.  However, we often find ourselves asking “how do I phrase what it is that I want to say” and “how do I answer a question I’m not prepared for?” […]

Top 5 Keywords for Your Resume

  What makes for a great resume? Today companies and recruiters use software to weed out resumes based on keywords before they even reach the hands of a decision-maker.  In this article, we are going to help you get past this gatekeeper software. Below you will find a list of the top 5 keywords to […]

Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself Neway Directions

  It is important to be able to talk about yourself calmly and confidently in a professional setting. Whether you are in an interview, at a networking event, or anywhere in between, it is best to be able to articulate a response as to who you are and what qualities you possess. Below is an […]

Tips for Asking a Question

Asking questions in the world of business or everyday life is key to reaching a common understanding. This blog will outline seven tips that can help you ask better questions. Plan Your Question Before a meeting, interview, or phone call, be sure to outline your goals and objectives for what you want to accomplish with […]

7 Bad Body Language Habits to Avoid

Different habits become apparent when you’re under stress. Take notes of any nervous ticks that you might have. It is difficult to eliminate them all at once and will take practice. Listen to other’s advice as well because they might notice things you don’t. Below are some key habits to quit when meeting people and interviewing. […]

4 Tips to Ace An Interview

Companies have to go through several candidates. They are looking for the right one to fit their culture. Prepare yourself for the interview by following the tips below. Research. Learn all you can about the company beforehand so you can ask intelligent questions. Dress Professionally. First impressions are made with the eyes initially. Don’t underestimate how […]