7 Bad Body Language Habits to Avoid


Different habits become apparent when you’re under stress. Take notes of any nervous ticks that you might have. It is difficult to eliminate them all at once and will take practice. Listen to other’s advice as well because they might notice things you don’t.

Below are some key habits to quit when meeting people and interviewing.

  1. Crossed arms/legs. When you cross your arms or legs, you are creating a physical barrier between you and the other person. Build trust by demonstrating a more open posture.
  2. Fidgeting. Any kind of tapping is distracting and disruptive to a conversation. Focus on what the other person is saying and stay still.
  3. Looking bored or uninterested. You should exhibit a genuine enthusiasm during each conversation and especially during an interview.
  4. Nervous laugh. These are easy to see through and it can just be annoying. Make a conscious effort to only laugh when something is truly funny.
  5. Playing with fingernails. This is noticeable because your hands will be in front of you and it’s a distracting noise. Instead, place your hands on either side of your chair or on the table.
  6. Narrowing your eyes. Some people are very expressive with their eyes. Show emotion but show the right emotion. If your thinking face is narrowing your eyes and pulling your eyebrows together, then make sure you don’t look angry doing it.
  7. Faking a smile. These are also easy to see through. Every act should be genuine and that is a great attribute to have for building relationships both personal and professional.

It’s amazing how people read each other through body language. If you follow these tips then you avoid giving people the wrong impression of you.

In two weeks, we’ll be posting tips on key phrases to eliminate for both work and in life.