Sexual Assault and Harassment in Medical Workspaces

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and with that comes conversation about past and present cases related to sexual assault and harassment in a medical workplace.  There are often cases about healthcare workers being victims of sexual violence and harassment in both smaller and more substantial medical institutions. Harassment includes: Unwanted sexual attention The spread […]

5 In-Person and Virtual Interview Preparation Tips

Interviewing for a job can be pretty difficult and stressful if you’re not prepared for it. Continue reading for a few key tips for a successful in-person interview. 1. Do your research. Many interviewers expect you to have some knowledge on the company you applied for. Google the company’s mission statement and read the job […]

4 Job Search Apps You Never Knew Were Out There

The job search and application process has changed so much within the last few years. Don’t let that intimidate you because these apps are easier to use than you think! To start you off, applying is mostly, if not always, online now. You can use that to your advantage by downloading apps that do a bulk […]

7 Bad Body Language Habits to Avoid

Different habits become apparent when you’re under stress. Take notes of any nervous ticks that you might have. It is difficult to eliminate them all at once and will take practice. Listen to other’s advice as well because they might notice things you don’t. Below are some key habits to quit when meeting people and interviewing. […]

4 Tips to Ace An Interview

Companies have to go through several candidates. They are looking for the right one to fit their culture. Prepare yourself for the interview by following the tips below. Research. Learn all you can about the company beforehand so you can ask intelligent questions. Dress Professionally. First impressions are made with the eyes initially. Don’t underestimate how […]

List of 5 Job Boards

You’ve taken the courageous step to go back to school and refine your skills. That’s great! These days, with the uncertainty of job security, you should always be ready to interview and have a list of contacts that can help you find your next job. There should also be some reliable job boards to have […]

6 Tips for Improving Communication

We’ve all heard the saying that “communication is key.” Communication affects everything from first impressions to the success of a project. Communication can also be difficult because of the differing personalities across an organization. Becoming a good communicator is not as simple as just reading tips; you have to train yourself to communicate well. Good […]