5 In-Person and Virtual Interview Preparation Tips

Interviewing for a job can be pretty difficult and stressful if you’re not prepared for it. Continue reading for a few key tips for a successful in-person interview. 1. Do your research. Many interviewers expect you to have some knowledge on the company you applied for. Google the company’s mission statement and read the job […]

Learn How to Create A Top Notch Email Signature

Creating an automatic email signature might seem like a small task, but it is truly beneficial. It allows your recipients to have easy access to your contact information, it is a great way to network, and it creates credibility. Here is the format for a quality automatic email signature: 1. Your full name 2. Title (i.e […]

4 Tips for Job Searching While You Have One

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!” (crickets) Well maybe you’re not quite happy with your job and are interested in finding a different company. Typically, you want to have a job offer in place before you leave your current position. If that’s the case, there are some things you should keep in […]

4 Phrases to Eliminate

The things you say not only have great impact on you but also the people around you. If you’re constantly using phrasing that is more negative or lacks confidence then you set a tone for your atmosphere. This can affect the way people view you at work. Follow our tips below on phrases to eliminate […]

7 Bad Body Language Habits to Avoid

Different habits become apparent when you’re under stress. Take notes of any nervous ticks that you might have. It is difficult to eliminate them all at once and will take practice. Listen to other’s advice as well because they might notice things you don’t. Below are some key habits to quit when meeting people and interviewing. […]

6 Tips for Improving Communication

We’ve all heard the saying that “communication is key.” Communication affects everything from first impressions to the success of a project. Communication can also be difficult because of the differing personalities across an organization. Becoming a good communicator is not as simple as just reading tips; you have to train yourself to communicate well. Good […]