Learn How to Write a Professional Thank You Note

professional thank you notes

There will be many people in your career that help you achieve your goals. Whether minuscule or major, their assistance and guidance has in some way contributed to your pathway to success. It is important to show your appreciation to those people. Writing a genuine, professional thank you note is a great way to do so. An example of an appropriate time to send a thank you note would be when meeting or contacting a mentor, or after an interview.

The format for a simple, professional thank you note is as follows:

Dear _____,

First Line: Past – State what happened. Did they give you advice? Did they host you for lunch? Did they help you get an interview?

Second Line: Present – Talk about what it means now. Are you using their advice? Are you achieving a new goal because of them? Are you expanding your network?

Third Line: Future – Mention the next steps. Will you invite them for lunch? Will you call them soon to catch up? Will you set up a meeting?

Best regards,


Dear Ms. Doe,

Your advice to always carry a small notebook as a CNA was brilliant and I am so grateful. I always have one in my pocket to catch every small detail now. I will call you soon to invite you to lunch.

Best regards,