5 Books to Read in 2022 to Boost Your Career

Books can be a helpful resource to grow your skill set and make decisions about your career path. Below we list five books that we think will help you boost your career in 2022. Four out of five books possess good reviews on Amazon and the fifth book has yet to be released at the time of this writing but has been recommended by Forbes. Enjoy! 


Invaluable: Master the 10 Skills You Need to Skyrocket Your Career by Maya Grossman

Synopsis: In this simple, step by step career guide by Maya Grossman, she provides real life stories, actionable exercises and she teaches readers to apply 10 skills that will show promising, timely results in your career. Grossman is a career coach and marketing expert who shares the 10 skills that helped her grow from an individual contributor to a vice president, working for companies such as Google and Microsoft and gaining 10 promotions in 15 years. Grossman teaches us everything she knows and what it takes to be successful. 


Finding Your Element by Ken Robinson & Lou Aronica 

Synopsis: Ken Robinson, author of the international bestseller The Element and the most viewed talk on TED.com, helps readers find their element. From  why it’s so important to connect with people who share your element and why your attitudes may be holding you back. Robinson helps find readers their passions and talents to help combine what you love and what you do. The book is available for purchase now.


The Little Book to Land Your Dream by Job Billy Clark & Clayton Apgar

Synopsis: The authors, Billy Clark and Clayton Apgar, are one of the most sought after career coaches in today’s modern workforce. In their book, they go over their work they exclusively do for companies and clients that hire them. While their approach is deemed unconventional, it’s also highly effective, honest and encouraging and helps frame one’s career. This book is perfect for anyone at any age who wants to go after their dream job, stay relevant in a competitive market and be happy with what they do. 


Own Your Career Own Your Life: Stop Drifting and Take Control of Your Future by Andy Storch

Synopsis: Set up as a 3 part practical guide, Andy Storch shares his own real life stories and how he had drifted aimlessly throughout his career. Storch tells readers how to direct your own career, prepare for the future, and ultimately get back in the driving seat of your own life”. As Storch would likely say, take control of your life now by buying this book. 


Love + Work: How to Find What You Love, Love What You Do, and Do It for the Rest of Your Life by Marcus Buckingham

Synopsis: This new and upcoming book, “Love + Work”, takes a practical approach to career advice on how to do what you love. Marcus Buckingham helps readers discover what it is they love, helps them choose roles they’ll succeed in and helps them do work that makes them stand out from the crowd. This enticing book on love and work gets released on April 5.


These five books will get your feet on the ground running towards your career. Through real life stories, wisdom, inspiration and practical lessons, you’ll want all the books on your shelf this year. 

Happy reading!