Time Management


One of the most important skills in life is being able to manage time. Whether that management is for personal or professional reasons, being able to effectively manage time is a trait that many people struggle with.

Here are 4 helpful tips to assist you in managing your time better.


1). Make a To-Do List

One of the greatest ways to start any day is to make a to-do list. This allows you to visually see what you have planned for the day and where your obligations lie. Often times if you forget to make a list, or worse, you think you’ll remember everything, obligations slip through the cracks in your memory. This could result in a missed appointment or a missed deadline. A daily to-do list will allow you to map out where you have to be and what you have to do for that particular day. 


2). Plan Ahead

Since the to-do list is for daily planning, a calendar is used for long term planning. Being told that you have a dental appointment in six months on a Wednesday afternoon will surely get forgotten about if it is not written down on a calendar. By consistently using a calendar, this will allow you to remember your long term obligations.


3). Commitment

The majority of time management issues come from over-committing yourself. It is important to delegate tasks at work that do not need your full attention. Don’t waste time doing tasks that others could be doing for you. Likewise, don’t dip your hands into too many obligations or projects at once. The worst thing you could do is put in half effort. It is better to focus your attention and work your hardest on two projects than to put half your attention on four projects. Delegating and not over-committing yourself is a huge reason why people fail at managing their time.


4). Leaving a Buffer

By leaving a buffer between events allows for life’s never-ending surprises to be accounted for. Whether that’s traffic on the freeway, a flat tire, or a sudden urge to stop for a quick bite to eat, leaving space between one event and another allows you to prepare for any curveball that life has to throw at you.


Being able to manage your time properly is one of the most crucial factors of success. Being able to manage your time will significantly reduce your stress level. By arriving early to an event, not only will your stress levels decrease, but you’ll find pleasure in being able to settle in and get comfortable while others frantically run around worrying about if they are going to be late. The better you are at managing your time, the better you are at managing yourself.