Thank You Notes

One of the most genuine forms of appreciation is by writing thank you notes. In the age of technology and our hustle and bustle lifestyles, we often forget to show appreciation to those who matter to us. In this case, a thank you note can help you separate yourself from a group of candidates after an interview, or it can show appreciation to a boss or colleague that has recently performed an act of kindness for you. Regardless of your reason, knowing how to write a proper thank you note is a key trait that everyone should learn.

Thank You Note Statistics

  • 22% of employers are less likely to hire a candidate if they don’t send a thank you note after the interview.
  • 86% said it showed a lack of follow-through.
  • 56% said it indicated that the candidate isn’t really serious about the position.


How to write a Thank You Note



The introduction of your thank you note is nothing out of the ordinary. Write the date in the upper left corner as follows “February 10, 2019.” This is then followed by your greeting directly below the date. This should be written as “Dear Mr. Johnson” or “Dear Jessica” depending on the level of formality.


The Body Paragraph

Your thank you note should be short and simple. In fact, it should only be three lines! 

  1. First Line = Past: what just happened. 
  2. Second Line = Present: what it means
  3. Third Line = Future: next steps

What does it look like in action? Here are examples of sentences you might say in each of the three lines.


First Line Examples (Past: what just happened).

  • “You were a wonderful host. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.” 
  • “Your advice about the project was great.” 
  • “Thank you for writing me a letter of recommendation.”

Second Line Examples (Present: what it means).

  • “I’m using your suggestions and applying them right now” 
  • “I’ve watched the documentary you recommended.”
  • “I used the advice you gave me and I got a raise.”

Third Line Examples (Future: next steps).

  • “I’ll call you soon to make another appointment” 
  • “When my resume is ready, I will be sure to call you”. 
  • “Please accept my wishes for your continued success.”


Sign Off

Your sign off should be simple. Words and phrases such as “Best” or “Best Regards” are great closings. When signing off, be sure to use your cursive signature to close your thank you note. A signed thank you note looks more elegant than a printed one.


Helpful Tip

Be sure to include plenty of white space within the thank you note. No one likes reading cluttered documents. Therefore make sure your thank you note has plenty of spacing between your salutation, your three-line body paragraph, and your sign off.

Since thank you notes are a lost art, many people who receive them showcase them! Be sure to use your best handwriting because it may very well end up hanging up in that person’s office or home.