4 Videos to Help You Improve Your Computer Skills

Possessing computer skills is always handy, especially when you are in a work environment. We know it gets frustrating to have to ask people all the time about basic computer use. Keep reading to learn some steps to improve your computer knowledge.

  1. Here is a video that will walk you through a basic tutorial on most PC computers.

2. This video is like the one we just mentioned, but for Macs.

Mac computers are different from PC computers. It is best to know the basics of both of them for increased employment opportunities.

3. This video gives you a walkthrough of Microsoft Suite.

Microsoft Suite includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher.

4. Lastly, this video goes through twenty common troubleshooting issues and the steps to resolving those issues. 

The best troubleshooting advice anyone will give you through is to turn the computer off and back on again if you cannot resolve the technical issue. Oftentimes the computer needs to update a program automatically when powered down in order to work properly. 

We hope that these videos are helpful. If you would like formal training on computer skills, please visit: https://newaydirections.com/computer-courses-madison-wi/