Preparing for the Written Portion of the CNA Test

For individuals getting ready to take the CNA test, it’s difficult to prepare for the written portion. In a majority of states, you have to pass the written and clinical skills portion with a 70% or higher to receive CNA certification. Although we can’t tell you exactly what will be on the written portion of the CNA exam, we can give you some tips on how to study for it.

One good way to ensure that you’ll be prepared for the test is to study flashcards of terms and other common knowledge that potential CNAs should know. There are some pre-made flashcard sets available on Click our link to find a variety of helpful flashcard sets.  In addition, you can always make your own set of flashcards using information from your Neway Directions class.

It’s also beneficial to use online CNA practice tests as a resourceful way to shape up your time management skills as well as your knowledge on certain questions. It is best to take these with a timer since the actual test will be timed. Our recommended practice tests from credible online nursing resources are:

Lastly, have someone assist you with studying. This could mean getting some of your peers to have you answer practice questions or having them grade you based on the answers you give to pre-set questions with a timer. This will help you to have a more pressured atmosphere that comes with taking any standardized test.

If you’re approaching the time to take the CNA exam, we wish you the best of luck! Let us know if we can help you in any way! Call Jenna, Owner of Neway Directions, at (608) 221-1920.