5 Ways to Improve Your Computer Skills


5 Ways to Improve Your Computer Skills

In this day and age, being computer savvy can be exceedingly useful in the workplace no matter your industry. This is the primary reason why workers who have a range of technological skills are in high-demand. Read this guide to learn how to progress your computer skills.


1. Expand your computer vocabulary

Picture your boss asking you to upload images on your shared Google Drive folder and to make sure to backup the images on your computer’s hard drive or an external medium like a flashdrive. Sure, you can ask your boss to explain what this terminology means, but it would be more impressive if you can execute your supervisors’ requests on your own.

Try googling common computer vocabulary online to upgrade your understanding about the functions of different online tools and computer hardware.


2. Master the keyboard

Have you ever seen people type quickly without putting much effort into it? This takes practice, but it is not as hard as it looks. Challenge yourself by practicing typing coherent sentences as fast as you can without looking at the keyboard. Using an online tool like this one can also be helpful.


3. Get familiar with online tools

Did you know that over 1.2 billion users use Microsoft Office as of 2020?1 Companies expect you to be familiar with online tools like Microsoft Office and G Suite. They are a great way to create organized documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. 


4. Browse the Internet/YouTube

Sometimes, sitting and searching the vast digital world that is the internet is extremely rewarding. The Internet is essentially access to millions of sources of knowledge and it can be considered as a digital library. 

Try taking advantage of all of that knowledge at your fingertips and familiarize yourself with the World Wide Web. It can be your best friend in terms of needing to know information in a matter of seconds.

YouTube “How to” videos are great resources as well. Don’t forget to check here for free tutorials.


5. Take Advantage of Neway Directions Computer Training

Neway Directions offers computer courses and office training classes in an open lab environment, meaning that individuals are welcome to come to Neway Directions during office hours on Monday through Thursday 8:30am-3:30pm and work with an instructor. These courses are completely customized and personalized to each individual and each individual moves through the course material at their own pace. Learn more at https://newaydirections.com/computer-courses-madison-wi/.


With the help of these steps, you’ll have a better understanding about how technology works and the benefits of it. The world is constantly moving forward and it never hurts to stay apprised of new information, especially if it means advancing your career. Answer tech questions with confidence and complete online tasks with ease the next time the opportunity presents itself.



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