Working is wonderful! You get to go meet with great minds everyday, do what you love, and maybe make a good buck at it too.

In every job though, there is something that you may not quite enjoy. Maybe it’s something that’s a little boring but required or it can be something more stressful.

When it’s stressful at work, you have to keep going and it can be hard to. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

A customer is very upset and has called in. They are getting more frustrated as you work through ways to try and help them. After what feels like eternity, the problem is resolved and you hang up. You take a big breath but you can still feel the stress pumping through your veins.

There are quick ways to healthily cope with the stress. Below are some quick ways to help you become zen again.

Whatever you do for your job that’s stressful like helping patients, customer service, or meetings, these coping skills will help you take on any challenge coming your way. The more you do them, the quicker you will feel like you again!